Thursday, November 6th marks the beginning of the launch of CCTO’s ManUp 4 Jesus ministry. We are so excited to get this started! Why ManUp? Well, after being at the men’s retreat and sharing with some guys some of the things I deal with in juggling family and work, I discovered how many men were dealing with the same thing. I realized the connection and fellowship that was going on and wanted to harness that into a bigger picture for our church. As the weekend came to a close, I talked with some other men at the retreat – and a lot of the men felt the same way. Thus the seed of ManUp was born.

I met with Joe before leaving with the summer to run this idea by him and with his encouragement, we started thinking about how we could take the men’s retreat to a whole new level. As a regular attender of elder Brent Flynn’s bible study, I talked with Brent about what we could do – He joined on to the idea and suggested that we add Pete Comfort to the mix. We immediately began to brainstorm on where we could go. Two months and lots of prayer later, the ManUp 4 Jesus was born.

We will be having the very first ManUp Thursday on January 15th. We hope that you can all come and join us for dinner, fellowship, worship, devotion and discussion – We also look forward to all of the things you can do to help us make the ManUp ministry the best that it can be!



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