ManUp4Jesus – Men’s Small Group Studies


Group 1: “Fight: Winning The Battles That Matter Most”
Sunday, 9:00 am, CCTO campus – Starts January 18

Based on pastor and author Craig Groeschel book we will study the life of Samson. With God’s help you will find the strength to fight the battles that you must win: the ones that determine the state of your heart, the quality of your marriage, and the spiritual health of those you love most.

Facilitators – Trevor Tomlinson & Andy Carpenter

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Group 2: “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect Of The Holy Spirit”
Wednesday, 6:45 pm, CCTO campus – Starts January 21

Based on pastor and author Francis Chan book we will study the true source of the church’s power, the Holy Spirit. Join us as we seek to better understand, embrace and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives and move beyond our habits of neglect and pursue a life defined by the Spirit of God.

Facilitators – Brent Flynn & Brian Counsil

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Group 3: Reading through the Bible
Wednesday, 6:45 pm, CCTO campus – Starts January 21

Learn from and challenge each other as we spend time in the word of God reading through and discussing different books of the Bible together.

Facilitators – Mike Malone & Dean Markum

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Group 4: Study – Book of James
Thursday, 6:00 am, Eggs N Things –Starts January 22

Read and study this frank and challenging book written by Jesus brother and the leader of the early church. Be encouraged as you study James shoulder to shoulder with other men and realize how similar the challenges are that each of us face. Seek to experience the power of studying God’s word with other men as you face these challenges together.

Facilitators – Pete Daradics & Tim Meinert

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Group 5: Study – Book of Ecclesiastes
Friday, 7:00 am, Eggs N Things – Starts January 23

Explore the heart and wisdom of Solomon, the man who had and did it all. Seek to understand together why after all that he did and learned he concludes with these words, “Now all has been heard, hear is the conclusion to the matter, fear God and keep his commandments for that is the whole duty of man”.
Facilitators – Scott Francis & Pete Comfort

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